EMR Integration

Integrating Premie BiliRecs (PBR) into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is fairly simple. A programmed weblink embedded in the EMR launches the webpage, directly importing the infant's current total serum bilirubin level and post-menstrual age at time of sampling. No protected health information is transmitted. The webpage opens directly to the treatment recommendation for the patient's age.

Integration is accomplished by passing the required data to the PBR website via a query string. PBR can alternatively accept the same data fields via HTTP POST, if preferred. Below is the template for that query string and a description of each of the

The patient's Post-Menstrual Age (Gestational age + Chronological age), specified in days, at the time of blood sampling
The laboratory observation for Total Serum Bilirubin
An identifier indicating your organization (used to keep track of who is using the site)
(Optional) The units of measure, set to "us" for milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) or "si" for metric units of micromoles per litre (µmol/L)
Defaults to "us" if not passed

Optionally, you may pass multiple days and total fields as arrays to have PBR display the trend over time of the patient's Total Serum Bilirubin levels. The recommendation will be based upon the most recent measurement. Refer to the last example below to see how this is achieved.

The results are only valid for laboratory observations in children with a Post-Menstrual Age equal to or greater than 27 weeks (189 days) and less than 35 weeks (245 days). Although the PBR results screen will throw an error if the submitted age is outside these boundaries, it is advisable to include logic to prevent the creation of the weblink for patients that do not fit this criteria. PBR is NOT intended for use in infants less than 48 hours of age.


For a patient with a Post-Menstrual Age of 28 weeks and 5 days and a Total Serum Bulirubin of 13.5 mg/dL, the URL would be:


For a patient with a Post-Menstrual Age of 32 weeks and a Total Serum Bulirubin of 256 µmol/L, the URL would be:


For a patient with a Post-Menstrual Age of 32 weeks and a Total Serum Bulirubin of 14.2 mg/dL, the URL to show their trend over time would be: